This product MUST be run with race exhaust! Do not leave the DPF on the vehicle if running this product!

The H&S XRT is the solution to your DPF problems.  With this unit you will be able to remove the problematic DPF system, as well as turn off the EGR system.  Plus, add needed horsepower and torque to your diesel.  Simply plug this unit into your OBDII plug under your dash.  Walk through the on-screen prompts to install the necessary software. Once software installation is complete, you may unplug the XRT and store it until it is time to change tunes or return to stock.


  • Precisely tune engine with power increases from 60-175 RWHP (Depending on application)
  • Shift-on-the-fly power level adjustment (6.6 LMM and 6.4 Powerstroke)
  • Enable – Disable “Special Features” on the dodge 6.7.  Full description HERE
  • No sensors need to be re-installed into the aftermarket exhaust system. All sensors may be left unplugged.
  • Speedometer & ABS re-calibration for use of non stock size tires or gearing. Up to 44″ tires
  • Remove top speed limiter
  • Turn off EGR without removing the butterfly from intake (6.7 Cummins)
  • Read / Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Internet update-able w / included USB cable
  • Custom Tunes available for FREE download.  Check the downloads section for your product to see what is available
  • Code Free turbo capable (6.7 Cummins)
  • Allows removal of EGR & EGR cooler with NO Trouble Codes  (6.4 Powerstroke and 6.7 Cummins)
  • Re-learn transmission adaptive memory (6.6 LMM)

Power Levels

6.7L Cummins

6.4L Powerstroke

6.6L LMM Duramax

0 HP w / stock exhaust 0 HP w / stock exhaust
0 HP w / stock exhaust
0 HP w / race exhaust
0 HP w / race exahust
0 HP w / race exhaust
60 HP w / race exhaust 40 HP w / race exhaust
60 HP w / race exhaust
120 HP w / race exhaust
80 HP w / race exhaust
120 HP w / race exhaust
175 HP w / race exhaust
120 HP w/ / race exahust
175 HP w / race exhaust

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