2008-2010 6.4L Ford Power Stroke XRT Pro Street

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Standard Features

Power Levels
Power Levels
  • Stock HP
  • Tow: 40 HP
  • Street: 80 HP
  • Performance: 120 HP
Default Power Levels
Power Levels can be adjusted on-the-fly at the touch of a button after Installing the Download to the vehicle.
Note: The Power Level ratings listed may not be exact for your particular vehicle. The listed ratings apply to the out-of-the-box tuning that H&S tuning devices are shipped with. Any custom downloads may result in different ratings.

Speed Limiter
This option allows for the adjustment of the factory speed limiter. Most 6.4L Powerstroke trucks have a 95 MPH speed limiter from the factory. The limiter can be adjusted from 55 MPH to 200 MPH. This option can only be adjusted during the Install Download process.

Tire Size Calibration
This option allows for the re-calibration of the factory speedometer to adjust for non-stock sized tires. For the most accurate speedometer reading when using non-stock sized tires, it is best to measure the diameter of the tire using a tape measure rather than going by the printed tire size. In additon, using a GPS is a great way to dial in your factory speedometer. Entering a larger tire size will cause the factory speedometer to read higher while entering a smaller tire size will cause the factory speedometer to read lower. The tire size can be adjusted from 25″ to 60″. This option can only be adjusted during the Install Download process.

Transmission Tuning
Transmission Reset / Relearn
The 5R110 automatic transmission on the 2008 – 2010 6.4L Powerstroke has what is called Adaptive Memory and is constantly learning and adapting to different horsepower levels, temperatures, driving habits, etc. After completing the Install Download process on the 6.4L Powerstroke, the Transmission Adaptive Memory is automatically reset. We highly recommend performing a Transmission Relearn procedure after installing H&S tuning to help the transmission perform correctly with the added horsepower. The 5R110 automatic transmission will eventually learn over time on its own, but the relearn procedure gives a good baseline for the adaptive learning and helps to speed up the learning process. To perform the relearn procedure, please follow these instructions: When re-training the transmission, ALWAYS follow posted speed limits. Do NOT attempt runs in adverse weather conditions such as snow, ice, rain, wind, or any other conditions that may affect your vehicles traction or impair your visibility!
  1. After H&S tuning is installed, perform each of the following 0-80 MPH runs while in the HOT power level. During this relearn process, you may experience hesitation during shifts, hard shifts, or defuel patterns, all of which are normal:
  • 0-80 MPH @ 25% throttle position, then slow down and come to a complete stop.
  • 0-80 MPH @ 50% throttle position, then slow down and come to a complete stop.
  • 0-80 MPH @ 100% throttle position, then slow down and come to a complete stop.

The Transmission Relearn procedure is complete.

Note: On any vehicle using 3″ or larger lift blocks under the rear leaf pack, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to install traction bars. With any added horsepower, failure to do so may result in harsh shifting and may cause premature transmission and/or driveline damage.

Other Features
TPMS Adjustability / Disable
Many 2008 – 2010 6.4L Powerstrokes are equipped with a TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitoring System from the factory. This system is designed to alert the driver of a problem with the vehicles tire pressures but is often a nagging inconvenience for those individuals wanting to run lower pressures or get rid of the TPMS sensors altogether. H&S Performance has a designed solution for those individuals. By using your H&S tuning device and a 6.4L Powerstroke TPMS Adapter (Part #709913), you will have full control of the TPMS. Front and rear tire pressures will be independently adjustable from 0 – 100 PSI as well as the option to Disable the TPMS completely if removing the TPMS sensors from the vehicle. All changes to the TPMS must be done with the 6.4L Powerstroke TPMS Adapter in place and the Adapter must be removed after changes are made to resume normal tuner function.