XRT Update Instructions 6.7L Cummins

Please read entire instructions BEFORE downloading the ZIP attachment or updating your XRT!

XRT-6.7      60/120/175/225 HP Updates

Please Note:

*XRT update software requires use of Windows XP.  Windows Vista may or may not work with our software. MAC is not supported at this time.

*You DO NOT need to return vehicle to stock setting with XRT prior to using this update software.

*After the update of your XRT is finished, simply re-load preferred HP setting onto vehicle.


Step 1.

The XRT 6.7 contains a version number.  To access this number, please plug in your XRT and let it boot to the “Main Menu”.  From this main menu, push the RIGHT arrow.  At the bottom of the screen you will see “Tune Version: 6.7.X”.  If a newer version is available, the “X” will be higher on our website.  If your XRT does not show a Tune Version, you NEED to update.

Pick the software that you wish to update to. If you are just looking to update your XRT to the latest off-the-shelf software, go HERE, select your vehicle, and download the latest software. If you are looking for custom tunes, choose the desired custom tune from the table located on the same page. Whether you are just updating or downloading a custom tune, you need to SAVE the file to your computer.  Most computers will give you an option of where you want to save it to.  It is usually easiest to save it to the “desktop” for easy access later.  If your PC does not give you an option, you will need to find out where downloaded files are automatically saved (usually under mydocuments/downloads).  Once your software is saved and you know its location, you may proceed.

Driver Update:

This driver is what allows your computer to recognize and communicate with the XRT. The driver only needs to be installed once on your computer, so if this is your first XRT update, you will need to follow the next 4 steps. If you have already installed this driver, you may continue down to the XRT Update portion of the instructions.

1. The driver is included in the ZIP file you downloaded in the above step, locate the file you downloaded.

2. Extract all files.  Files downloaded from our website are stored in a “compressed” format that is not useable until “extracted”.  You can extract files on most computers by right-clicking the compressed file and selecting “extract all”.  This will create a new folder of the same name as the one you downloaded, but the files will be “extracted” and useable.

3. When finished extracting files, choose “Show extracted files”, or find the folder and open it.

4. Double click on “H&S USB Drivers” Program. This will install the necessary drivers to run the update on your XRT.

XRT Update:

- This is the process that will update the tuning and software on the XRT.  There are TWO programs you need to run in order to update your XRT.

1. Double click on the folder you extracted (the one WITHOUT THE ZIPPER!!!).

PLEASE READ BEFORE PERFORMING THE NEXT STEP: If you get a “Checksum Error” after performing Step 2, please unplug the XRT, immediately plug it back in, and proceed to Step 3.  The “Run First” program needs only be run ONCE on each XRT.  If your board has been previously updated with the “Run First”, you will never need to do it again.  Simply skip to the “Run Second” the next time you update.

2. Double click on the folder named “Run First !!!”.  Inside this folder you will see a program named “Run First”.  Double click on this program.  It will open a window and instruct you to plug in your XRT and push “upload”.  Go ahead and do so.  This update will take about 2 minutes.

If you get a Windows error stating that you are missing part of the Windows .Net Framework, you will need to update your Windows, or use another PC. You can obtain the Microsoft 3.5 .Net Framework by clicking on the following link: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=333325FD-AE52-4E35-B531-508D977D32A6&displaylang=en

3. Once the “Run First” program has completed, go back and double click on the “Run Second!!!” folder. Once inside, double click on the “Run Second” file and click “Update”. This update will take about 8 minutes.

4. Both the XRT and PC will show progress of the update and the XRT will re-boot automatically when finished.

*If your XRT does not start updating and the bar graph on the updater does not appear to be moving, the driver may not have installed correctly. Try re-installing the R2176 driver and then attempt to update the XRT again.

Once the update has finished, you may return to your vehicle and re-install the tuning.

Congratulations, you have successfully updated your XRT Tuner.  Please contact H&S Tech Support if you run into any difficulty during the update process. 888-628-1730