H&S Automatic Updater

H&S Auto Updater
Before You Begin
  • Make sure your tuner is up to date.
  • Read and understand all instructions
  • You do not need to “return to stock” prior to updating your tuner
  • We recommend checking for updates at least once per month
Tools Required:
  • Windows 7, 8, Vista, or XP
  • Mac OSX 10.5 or newer
  • Linux
  • Java 5 or newer installed
  • Card Adapter

Update Instructions

Click each step for detailed instructions.Mouse over any picture to view larger image

1. Remove the SD card from your tuner

  1. See images above for SD Card location on your tuner. Card is removed by pressing in gently on card, then slowly releasing it.
2. Plug the SD card into SD card adapter

  1. Insert the SD card into the supplied USB adapter (You can use any other adapter if you lost your H&S SD adapter)
3. Plug the adapter into your computer

  1. Plug adapter into any open USB port on your computer. It may take a moment for your computer to recognize this device, be patient.
  2. IMPORTANT: If Windows recommends scanning or fixing errors on card you MUST select NO or CANCEL.
    Choose NO or Cancel if you are asked to Auto-Play, Open, View, or Format.
4. Download the H&S Update program
Choose your operating system
- Windows
  1. Download the program: http://www.hsperformance.com/updates/UpdaterWin.exe
  2. Choose “Save” or “Save File”
  3. If you are asked where you would like to save the file, select Desktop
  4. After the download is complete a window may appear saying “Download Complete”
  5. NOTE: if your virus software prevents you from downloading the software, please click here to download a ZIP version.ZIP Instructions
  6. Continue to Step 5
- Mac
  1. Download the program: www.hsperformance.com/updates/UpdaterMac.zip
  2. This file will be located in your downloads folder.
  3. Double click on the file in the downloads folder to unzip file and you will see the program Updater.
    NOTE: You may need to temporarily disable Gatekeeper in order to run the program. OSX Gatekepper
  4. Click and drag this to your desktop for easy reference for future updates.
  5. Continue to Step 5
- Linux
  1. Download the program: http://www.hsperformance.com/updates/UpdaterLinux.zip
  2. Unzip the application
  3. Execute the jar file with java
  4. Continue to Step 5
5. Run the H&S Update program
  1. Double click Updater located on your desktop. If you did not choose the option to save to your desktop, then Updater may be located in “My Downloads”
  2. If you are asked if you would like to run this program, Choose Run
  3. Wait until the program identifies your tuner. If your card is not detected, make sure that your card is inserted and click the “Detect Card” button.
  4. (Optional) If you have erased or formatted your SD card, or you are using a new SD card, You must select your Tuner and your Card from the drop down menu. Then click “Use Blank Card”.
    NOTE: If you have erased, formatted, or are using a new SD card, it must be formatted to FAT or FAT16.
  5. Click the “Find Updates” Button, and wait for the Updater to check your card.
  6. Click the “Update” Button, and wait for the update to complete. Depending on your internet connection this may take from 5 – 45 minutes. Do not unplug SD card during update.
6. Remove the SD card
  1. Remove adapter from USB port.
  2. Remove SD Card from adapter.
7. Insert the SD card into your tuner
8. Update the Firmware on your tuner
  1. Power up tuner by turning key to RUN position. DO NOT START ENGINE.
    NOTE: For Black Maxx and Mini Maxx users, you may have to flip the switch on the OBD port adapter in order for tuner to power up

  2. Press “Menu”
    NOTE: XRT Pro users will already be in the “Menu” and will not need to select “Menu”

  3. Arrow down and select “Update Firmware”

  4. Tuner will ask if you would like to load the file now. Select Yes. Tuner will go dark for a moment, then reboot. DO NOT UNPLUG TUNER OR CYCLE KEY until it has rebooted and returned to the main menu
9. Update the Tuning on your truck

  1. Press “Menu”
    NOTE: XRT Pro users will already be in the “Menu” and will not need to select “Menu”

  2. Select “Install Download”

  3. 1. Verify vehicle type and select “Yes”. 2. You must read and agree to our disclaimer to proceed further. 3. Turn key to the RUN position and select “Continue”

  4. Select “Download H&S Tuning” (wording may vary slightly) NOTE: This step will be skipped if this is your first time installing the tuner, or you have previously returned to stock.
  5. Follow all on-screen instructions until download is complete
If you are having problems with the Automatic Updater or need to manually update click here
If you are getting error 0 when updating firmware after updating your SD card click here