Customer Testimonials

Got the BLACKMAXX for my '10 Cummins, had a small glitch but the boys got me fixed up within the first day. AWESOME TOP NOTCH SUPPORT! AND THATS WHAT MATTERS PEOPLE!

Mike M.
I bought the XRT because I wanted to try it back to back with my Smarty and figured I would take less of a loss on it than the BlackMaxx. Ended up selling the Smarty.

Just a shout out to H&S just got the XRT updated and now got high idle and brights&fog way to go guys. Would of been easy to forget about the XRT guys but your still going strong for us!!!! You will be #1 in my mind for the long run, customer service means everything these days!

I purchased my XRT about 13 months ago when they 1st came out. Just had my hardware and software updated and now have more features.
I'm very happy with the XRT and the service has been FIRST CLASS!
Thank you!

H&S is a great company with great products. They have some of the best post-purchase service I have ever witnessed. If you have any issues they respond almost 24/7. If more businesses took care of their customers like H&S, this country would be in a much better economic condition.

Ken S.
To all the guys at H&S,

I had a problem when installing my XRT tuner(my fault, I ordered the wrong part #) and desperately needed technical help. I had already installed my race exhaust, and definitely did not want to have to put it back on until I got a new tuner! I emailed you guys on Saturday afternoon thinking I would get a call back on Monday to get me fixed up. To my surprise, about an hour later, I got a call from your tech support. After he emailed me the update file I needed, I was having trouble updating the tuner, so your tech actually logged onto my computer remotely and programmed it for me. I am not very computer smart, so for me this was a lifesaver. It's good to know there are still a few companies out there that still care about the customer. THANK YOU H&S.

Sincerely your customer for life,

Walt W.
S. Carolina
Dear H & S,

I was one of the first to get an H&S XRT. It was the first tuner I ever bought that worked right from the start, which is especially impressive for a new product! I looked at all the options before I bought it to replace my old programmer. This turned out to be worth more than I paid for it. The product speaks for itself and the customer support is quick and precise. I am looking forward to upgrading very soon. Thank you for a good job.

Steve H.
aka "Polaraco"
Dear H&S Performance,

I am normally not a person that would write to a company after buying their product, but in your case I must make an exception. I recently purchased another companies tuner, which gave me nothing but performance problems and trouble codes. With the other companies technical support being out of the country, I was having trouble getting my problems resolved. I read about H&S on some Internet forums, and decided to give you guys a call. WHY DIDN'T I CALL YOU GUYS FIRST?! After you helped me resolve the issues with my other tuner(which I didn't expect!), I immediately listed my tuner in the classifieds and sold it. Since then, I have bought and installed your Black Maxx tuner and have been loving every minute of it! The shift-on-the-fly function works just as advertised. Thanks for such great customer service and for producing a product that truly is amazing. Keep up the good work!

Michael R.
Austin, Texas