2010-2012 6.7L Dodge Cummins

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Power Levels
Default Power Levels
2011-2012 Cab & Chassis
Power Levels
DPF Present
  • Stock HP
  • Mild: 20 HP
  • Wild: 40 HP
  • Hot: 60 HP
2010-2012 Pickup
Power Levels
DPF Present
  • Stock HP
  • Mild: 40 HP
  • Wild: 80 HP
  • Hot: 120 HP
2011-2012 Cab & Chassis
Power Levels
DPF Removed
  • Stock HP
  • Mild: 25 HP
  • Wild: 50 HP
  • Hot: 75 HP
2010-2012 Pickup
Power Levels
DPF Removed
  • Stock HP
  • Mild: 60 HP
  • Wild: 120 HP
  • Hot: 175 HP
Power Levels can be adjusted on-the-fly at the touch of a button after Installing the Download to the vehicle. The unit cannot be unplugged otherwise the Power Level will default to NO POWER.
Note: The Power Level ratings listed may not be exact for your particular vehicle. The listed ratings apply to the out-of-the-box tuning that H&S tuning devices are shipped with. Any custom downloads may result in different ratings.
Custom Power Levels
2010-2012 Pickup
Power Levels
Hot Damn 175
  • Stock HP
  • Mild: 60 HP
  • Wild: 120 HP
  • Hot: 175 HP
Custom Tuning Power Levels Available for Download

Hot Damn 175

More aggressive fueling and injection timing.

DPF Selection
The DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is part of the factory exhaust system on the 6.7L Cummins. H&S offers tuning that allows the DPF to be left in place, or removed completely.

If you are planning on leaving the exhaust system stock with the DPF in place, you will select PRESENT.

If you have already removed the DPF or if you plan on removing the DPF immediately after installing your H&S tuning device, you will select REMOVED. If you select REMOVED, you must Accept our DPF Disclaimer in order to continue with the Install Download process.
DPF / Exhaust Sensors
When running DPF PRESENT tuning, it is required that all sensors located in the exhaust system stay in place and plugged in, otherwise you may experience a Check Engine Light (CEL) and even a loss of power (limp mode).

When running DPF REMOVED tuning, it is recommended that all sensors located in the factory exhaust system be unplugged from the electrical harnesses. These sensors can also be removed completely with the factory exhaust if desired. On the 2010 – 2011 Pickup, there are usually 3 EGT Sensors, 2 O2 Sensors, and 1 Pressure Sensor.
2011-2012 Cab & Chassis UREA System
On the 2011-2012 Cab & Chassis, there is usually an additional NOX sensor as well as a UREA system that needs to be unplugged when running DPF REMOVED tuning. The UREA system must at least be unplugged but can be completely removed from the vehicle if desired. Failure to unplug the UREA system may result in a check engine light and/or dash messages.
Note: For complete UREA System Removal instructions click HERE.
EGR Unplug / Delete
Unlike the previous years, it is no longer mandatory to unplug the EGR system when installing H&S DPF REMOVED tuning. You may still unplug the EGR system if desired, or the EGR system may be left plugged in without any ill effects. The entire EGR system can also be completely removed with an H&S EGR Delete Kit when running H&S DPF REMOVED tuning.
Note: DPF removed tuning is required to disable the EGR system!

Speed Limiter
This option allows for the adjustment of the factory speed limiter. Most 6.7L Cummins trucks have a 106 MPH speed limiter from the factory. The limiter can be adjusted from 20 MPH to 200 MPH. This option can only be adjusted during the Install Download process.

Tire Size Calibration
This option allows for the re-calibration of the factory speedometer to adjust for non-stock sized tires. For the most accurate speedometer reading when using non-stock sized tires, it is best to measure the diameter of the tire using a tape measure rather than going by the printed tire size. In addition, using a GPS is a great way to dial in your factory speedometer. Entering a larger tire size will cause the factory speedometer to read higher while entering a smaller tire size will cause the factory speedometer to read lower. The tire size can be adjusted from 25.5” to 45”. This option can only be seen/changed after the Download is Installed to the vehicle. This option only takes a few seconds to change and can be adjusted at any time from the Tire Size Calibration menu.

Transmission Tuning
Overdrive Transmission Software
Did you know that your H&S tuning device also has the capability of tuning your transmission? If your 6.7L Cummins is equipped with the 68RFE Automatic Transmission, you may want to check out our Overdrive Transmission Software. Custom tailored to mate with H&S engine tuning, the 6.7L Overdrive software includes boosted line pressures, modified full and part throttle torque converter lock/unlock strategies, adjusted full and part throttle shift points, adjusted full and part throttle shift firmness, modified torque management tables, and much more! All changes are designed to keep more power directed to the road instead of wasted in heat and friction. On our test trucks, we have seen 0.2 to 0.3 second quicker 1/4 mile times JUST from the addition of the H&S Overdrive tuning!
Note: An additional unlock fee may apply, click here for details.
*Overdrive Transmission Software is not available on Cab & Chassis models.

Chart of Available Gauges (PID’s)
  • Current Power Level
  • Transmission Gear Position
  • Torque Converter Status
  • Pyro 1
  • Pyro 2
  • Speed
  • Boost Pressure
  • Engine RPM
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Throttle Percentage
  • Intake Air Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Battery Voltage
  • Fuel Rail Pressure (ICP)
  • Transmission Temperature (Auto)
  • Load Percentage
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • Estimated Torque

Other Features
Injection Timing
This option allows for the adjustment of the maximum allowed injection timing. There are 5 different settings for the Injection Timing:

  • 1 – Least Aggressive (Stock Setting)
  • 2 – Less Aggressive
  • 3 – (Default)
  • 4 – More Aggressive
  • 5 – Most Aggressive
Note: The injection timing adjustment will affect ALL power levels. This option can only be adjusted during the Install Download process.
Stationary Idle Adjust
The Stationary Idle Adjust Menu will allow you to adjust the idle speed of your vehicle while in Park or Neutral using your H&S tuning device. Choose the desired idle speed and select Set to set the idle speed to the chosen RPM. Idle speed can be adjusted from 700 RPM to 1500 RPM.
Torque Management
This option allows for the disabling of the vehicles torque management for those equipped with manual transmissions. This option increases pedal sensitivity and throttle response when REMOVED.
Special Functions / Features
Your H&S tuning device has the capability of Enabling / Disabling factory vehicle features. These features can be found in the Special Functions Menu. These features can only be seen/changed after the Download is Installed to the vehicle. Below is a short description of each feature:
TPMS: Enable / Disable the Tire Pressure Monitoring System.
Optical Chirp on Lock: Enable / Disable the parking lights flashing when locking the vehicle.
Horn Chirp on Lock: Enable / Disable the horn chirp when locking the vehicle.
Set Headlamp Delay: Enable / Disable the headlamp delay.
Accessory Delay: Enable / Disable the shut-off delay of your radio and accessory system after the key has been turned off.
Fog Lights W/High: Enable / Disable the fog lights staying on when high beams are being used.
Daytime Lights: Enable / Disable the daytime running lights.
Seat Belt Minder: Enable / Disable the chime for the drivers seat belt system. This feature will not disable the seat belt light.
Note: If any special feature is already listed as Enabled but is not functioning correctly, you may need to disable the feature, cycle the key, and re-enable the feature to make it function properly. If it still does not work, your vehicle may not be equipped with the hardware required for the special feature.