EGR “Unplug” instructions

If you desire to disable the EGR system on your 6.7 Cummins, but do not have an XRT, Black Maxx, or equivalent emmisions removal tuner, please follow these instructions.  You will get a check engine light, unless running one of the above tuning devices.

1.  The brown EGR Actuator Valve on top of the intake horn (at the top of the picture below) NEEDS to be unplugged, and remain unplugged.

2.  The "butterfly" airflow valve (circled in picture) must be disabled using one of two ways:

     A – Remove the gear assembly controlling the butterfly valve.  This is the recommended method for disabling the butterfly.  Pictured instructions on how to remove the gear.

     B – Remove the two screws holding the butterfly plate to the intake assembly, and remove the butterfly plate from the intake horn.  These screws are not designed to be removed and will often break during the process of removal.

If you simply unplug the butterfly actuator motor, you will get an Eletronic malfunction indicator lamp on your dash.  (Red Lightning Bolt)