Dodge 6.7L Special Features

On the 6.7L Cummins, the Black Maxx and Mini Maxx units have the ability to enable and disable some of Chrysler’s factory special features.

To access the special features menu on your Black Maxx or Mini Maxx, select “Menu” from the main screen and then select “Special Features”.

If a special feature is already listed as enabled, and is not functioning as desired, you may need to disable it first, then re-enable it.

Here is a list of the special features with a brief description of each:

* IDLE UP – Enables / Disables the use of the high idle feature.  Follow your Chrysler owners manual to use this feature.  It will use the cruise control buttons to control idle RPM.  Manual transmissions will require additional wiring.

* AUTO DOOR LOCK – Enables / Disables the automatic door locking when the vehicle reaches a certain speed.

* HEAD LAMP DELAY – Enables / Disables the head lamp delay time after exiting a vehicle.

* HORN CHIRP ON LOCK – Enables / Disables the horn chirp when locking the vehicle with keyless entry system.

* OPTICAL CHIRP ON LOCK – Enables / Disables the parking lights flashing when locking and unlocking the vehicle with keyless entry.

* UNLOCK DRIVER DOOR – Enables / Disables unlocking the driver door only when pushing the unlock button on the key-fob. When enabled, your vehicle will require a double push of the unlock button to unlock ALL doors.

* SEAT BELT MINDER – Enables / Disables the chime for the drivers seat belt system. Does not disable the dash light.

* ACCESSORY DELAY – Enables / Disables the time delay your radio and accessory system will stay on after they key has been turned off and the door remains closed.

* FOGS W/HIGHS – Enables / Disables the fogs staying on when the high beams are being used.

* DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS – Enables / Disables daytime running lights.