2003-2007 6.0L Ford Power Stroke

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Power Levels
Power Levels
  • Stock HP
  • Mild: 40 HP
  • Wild: 80 HP
  • Hot: 120 HP


Default Power Levels
Power Levels can be adjusted on-the-fly at the touch of a button after Installing the Download to the vehicle. The current Power Level will be saved even if the Black Maxx is unplugged.
Note: The Power Level ratings listed may not be exact for your particular vehicle. The listed ratings apply to the out-of-the-box tuning that H&S tuning devices are shipped with. Any custom downloads may result in different ratings.

EGR Unplug / Delete
With H&S tuning installed, the EGR system on the 6.0L Powerstroke can be completely removed with an EGR Delete Kit while remaining code free.

Speed Limiter
This option allows for the removal of the factory speed limiter. Most 6.0L Powerstroke trucks have a 95 MPH speed limiter from the factory. The limiter can be removed completely or left stock (this may change so be sure to visit www.hsperformance.com for product updates). This option can only be changed during the Install Download process.

Tire Size Calibration
This option allows for the re-calibration of the factory speedometer to adjust for non-stock sized tires. For the most accurate speedometer reading when using non-stock sized tires, it is best to measure the diameter of the tire using a tape measure rather than going by the printed tire size. In additon, using a GPS is a great way to dial in your factory speedometer. Entering a larger tire size will cause the factory speedometer to read higher while entering a smaller tire size will cause the factory speedometer to read lower. The tire size can be adjusted from 25” to 40”. This option can only be adjusted during the Install Download process.

Transmission Tuning
Currently not available for 6.0L Ford Powerstroke.

Available Gauges to Monitor (PID’s)
  • Current Power Level
  • Transmission Gear Position
  • Torque Converter Status
  • Pyro 1
  • Pyro 2
  • Speed
  • Boost Pressure
  • Engine RPM
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Injector Pulse Width
  • Throttle Percentage
  • Intake Air Temperature
  • Battery Voltage
  • Oil Temperature
  • Fuel Rail Pressure (ICP)
  • Transmission Temperature (Auto)