Black Maxx Update Instructions: 03-07 6.0L Power Stroke

NOTE: Do NOT use the supplied USB cable to perform updates on your Black Maxx! When updating, ONLY USE the SD Card reader that was supplied with your tuning device.

Do NOT format or delete files from your SD Card unless instructed to do so by an H&S representative!!!  Doing so can remove necessary information that your H&S unit needs to function correctly.  If you need to download the entire SD card as it comes from H&S CLICK HERE

You DO NOT need to return your truck to stock before updating the tuner.
How do you know if your Black Maxx needs an update?

With the Black Maxx plugged into your vehicle or a computer, select ‘Menu’ from the gauge screen. From the Main Menu, scroll down and select ‘Show Settings’. Once inside the Show Settings Menu, you will be able to see Vehicle Information and System Information. Under the “System Info” section you should see something similar to “Version: SW-1.00.9 TV-6.7.9″. The “TV” number represents the Tune Version that is currently loaded on the vehicle. If the Version on the website is higher than the Tune Version shown on the Black Maxx, then updating is recommended. If your Black Maxx does NOT show a “TV” number AT ALL, then updating is recommended.


1 Once you have decided that you need to update, click the Downloads>Black Maxx Downloads Link, select your vehicle then click on the Latest Software Link. You will be prompted to either Save or Open, you must choose SAVE.  It is good practice to save the file somewhere that you will easily find it later, like on the Desktop. Some computers will automatically save downloaded files to “My Documents/Downloads”, so check there if your computer does not ask you where you would like to save the file.


2 After file is saved, you will need to extract it.  All files on the H&S Website are “Compressed” or “Zipped” to save time and space so we must Extract (“Un-compress” or “Un-Zip”) the files in order to make them usable.  Most commonly you can go to where you downloaded the compressed file and RIGHT click the file. A menu should appear and within this menu should be an “Extract All” option.  Follow the onscreen instructions in order to get the files extracted correctly.

If you have problems extracting the files, you may need to use 7-zip to extract them. 7-zip found HERE.


3 Now that the files are correctly extracted, they need to be transferred onto the Black Maxx SD Card.  The easiest way to do this is by Copy and Paste.  Open up the recently extracted folder *WITHOUT THE ZIPPER*, (you may have to open two folders before you can see the individual files) and you should see numerous files.  You will need to select, or highlight, all of the files in that folder. To do this, hold down the “Ctrl” button and press “A”. Another way to do this is by clicking “Edit” at the top menu and selecting “Select All”. Next, RIGHT click your mouse over any one of the files that are highlighted and select “Copy”. Another way to copy the files is by holding the “Ctrl” button and pressing “C”.

4 After you have copied the files, go to the contents of the Black Maxx SD Card (usually named “Black Maxx”), and Paste the files into it by RIGHT clicking inside the Black Maxx and selecting “Paste” or by holding “Ctrl” and pressing “P”.  Your computer should give some warnings that files already exist, and you need to make sure and REPLACE the existing files with the new ones.

Now you can re-insert the SD card into the Black Maxx.


If the files have been transferred correctly to the memory, it is now time to put the Black Maxx back into the truck.


1 Press “Menu” from the main start-up screen.  Scroll all the way to the bottom and select “Update Firmware”.  The unit will re-boot once the firmware update process is complete.

2 Now the tuning will need to be re-loaded onto the truck.  Press “Menu” from the main start-up screen.  Scroll up and press “Install Download”.  Follow the on-screen instructions, and when prompted you will need to “Change Settings”.  This will load the new tuning files onto your truck’s computer.

Congratulations, you have successfully updated your Black Maxx Tuner.  Please contact H&S Tech Support if you run into any difficulty during the update process. 888-628-1730