What if the pyro on my Mini Maxx or Black Maxx is reading 1832 degrees?

1832 degrees is the default pyro reading when "Factory Pyro's" is selected in the tuner on a vehicle that does not have any factory EGT sensors. To correct this problem go to "User Options" in the main menu and select "Select Pyro Source". Change pyro source from "Factory" to "H&S Pyro". Press the Back button to get back to the main screen.

Why does H&S recommend to install the tuning before installing my race exhaust?

H&S always recommends installing the tuning before removing any hard parts simply because in the event there is a compatibility or technical issue with the tuning device the truck is still operable for the time it takes to get the tuning device repaired or replaced.

Can I install an EGR delete on my Cummins engine before purchasing a tuner?

You can install an EGR delete kit prior to installing an H&S tuner but you will activate several DTC's and a check engine light upon doing so, possibly even cause drivability issues.

What is the difference in the Black Maxx and Mini Maxx?

The only difference between the Black Maxx and Mini Maxx is screen size and included mounting hardware. The screen size on the Black Maxx is 3.5" whereas the screen size on the Mini Maxx is 2.5" as shown here. The Mini Maxx comes with a suction cup windshield mount similar to that of a GPS whereas the Black Maxx comes with a dash top mount with a swivel arm.

Is the tuning the same on all of the tuning devices?

The tuning is identical on all of our devices. The only difference between them is individual features.

Will the OverDrive transmission tuning work with aftermarket transmission parts?

No. Currently the OverDrive transmission tuning is tested and available for stock transmissions only.

Is it important to have the vehicle at operating temperature before installing the tuning?

Yes. When initially turning on the vehicles ignition, start aides such as an intake grid heater or glow plugs cycle, which draws extremely high amperage from the batteries causing the vehicles electrical system to drop below 12 volts, which in turn, causes the PCM to lose communication with the tuning device and interrupts the download.

Do I need to unplug the EGR solenoid and TCV on my 2010-11 Dodge when using DPF removed tuning?

No. Unlike the 2007.5-2009 Dodge Ram the 2010-2011 models do not require the EGR solenoid and TCV to be unplugged.

What do I do with the urea system once it is disabled with the DPF removed tuning?

Once you have disconnected the urea injection line from the factory exhaust system, if desired, you are able to remove any of the hard parts related to the urea system. Instructions for removing these parts can be found on our website under our tech section.

How do I update my tuner (XRT Pro, Mini Maxx & Black Maxx only)?

Once you have established that you need to update your tuning device you need to first remove the SD card from your tuner located in the lower right hand side of the unit. Once you have the SD card removed you will need to insert the card into the SD card reader that was supplied with your tuning device. Next you will need to go to our website HERE and download our automatic updater.

What HP level should I run my tuner on for the best mileage?

Due to the legalities associated with manufacturing race only tuning products, it is illegal for us to perform any testing or make any claims pertaining to any On-Highway use such as mileage or towing on DPF equipped vehicles.

What HP level is best for towing?

Due to the legalities associated with manufacturing race only tuning products, it is illegal for us to perform any testing or make any claims pertaining to any On-Highway use such as mileage or towing on DPF equipped vehicles.

Why is there a $100.00 software unlock code for the Ford 6.7L & GM 6.6L LML Duramax Race tuning?

Due to the incredibly complex design and tuning involved, we have implemented a software unlock code to help recover the additional costs incurred from the programming of the Ford 6.7L Scorpion and GM Duramax LML.

Can I stack Brand XXXX product with an H&S Tuner?

H&S tuners are built to run alone. By stacking any other tuning/fooling device with an H&S Product you are assuming all liability. We do not test our tunes with any other products. Many of our customers stack our products with others, but unless you have advanced knowledge of the products and are willing to accept the possible negative outcomes by doing so, please don't stack!

Do sensors need to go back into the exhaust when using an XRT or Black Maxx?

No. No exhaust sensors need to be plugged in, or installed in the exhaust stream when using an H&S tuning device.

How hot is "too hot" on EGT's?

When talking EGT, we will always refer to a pre-turbo reading. A general rule of thumb is to keep it under 1500 degrees. The DPF equipped diesel trucks are built to handle much more heat than their predecessors, but please be cautious when exceeding 1350 for more than a short period of time. Use your judgment to decide what temperature you can run, as each case will vary.

How much horsepower is my truck making?

On the HOT level the Ford 6.4 will dyno at 540-580hp. The 6.7 Cummins will be 460-500hp. The 6.6 duramax will be 450-490hp. All ratings are to the rear wheels.

I am getting a check engine light and have a H&S tuner, what do I do?

Any time you see a check engine light, the first thing you should do is use your H&S product to check the codes. It will give you a read-out of what the code is. Then you may use our online DTC lists, or call us to figure out what the problem may be.

I'm installing a DPF Delete kit. Do I need to remove the pressure sensor lines that are attached to the side of the transmission?

Yes, you need to remove the pressure hard lines. Follow them up to the sensor and disconnect them there. Leave the sensor OPEN, there is no need to plug the ports with anything.

My tuner appears to freeze, what do I check?

Make sure the key is in the RUN position, if so, have you installed the optional power wire? If not, please do so.

My 6.4 Ford transmission seems to shift hard. What can I do?

If you are noticing a "double shift" on your 6.4L Ford, you may need ladder bars. Make sure you first try our "Firm shifting" download from our website. If you have a lifted vehicle with large lift blocks under the leaf spring, this will greatly affect shift quality. Axle wrap during a shift will cause a very harsh almost double shift. This can be fixed with the installation of ladder (traction) bars.

What horsepower level is safe for my 6.7L Cummins automatic transmission?

That is entirely up to how hard you drive your truck. We have used and abused multiple 6.7 trucks with automatic transmissions, and have yet to do enough damage to make a tranmission replacement necessary. It is all about knowing where and when to apply the power. Everything has a breaking point, and don't be surprised if your transmission needs upgrading. Using the manual shift feature is a great way to keep the transmission in its proper RPM range. The 68RFE automatic in these trucks really likes to lug at low RPMs, and applying power at these lower RPMs is where damage usually occurs. Use the manual shift to keep the RPMs up, and your tranny will last much longer. Also check out our "Overdrive" transmission software to help your transmission last longer.

What is better, 4" or 5" exhaust?

For performance, you will not need 5" exhaust until around 600hp. For sound, you may notice a slight difference between the 4" and 5". H&S has an online media player of how your exhaust will sound, feel free to use this tool to help make your decision.

Why do I get a "Catalyst Full" message when my truck throws codes P1011 and P0087?

We are unsure why Cummins has linked these codes to cause a "Catalyst Full" message. These are codes that are thrown when the fuel pressure relief valve has opened under high pressure. In most cases, a Fuel Rail Plug or Fuel Rail Shim Kit from H&S Performance will solve the problem.

Why does H&S not sell a full 4" turbo back exhaust for a 6.7 Cummins?

The factory exhaust is 4" diameter. H&S sells a kit to replace the Catalytic converters and the DPF, but it is unnecessary to replace the tail section with same diameter pipe. If you would like a turbo-to-tail exhaust, take a look at the 5" with 6" stainless tip.

Why does my Black Maxx or Mini Maxx defuel when on the HOT setting?

Your Black Maxx or Mini Maxx is pre-set from H&S to what we deem is a safe defuel level. If you feel you need to run a hotter temperature in order to get the performance you desire, simply adjust your defuel settings. Your installation booklet will assist you in adjusting defuel levels.

Why does my Mini Maxx/Computer freeze when I try to put the new H&S update files onto it?

When using the USB cable to update your Mini Maxx, your computer must communicate to the SD card through the Mini Maxx. Some computers have errors when communicating through the Mini Maxx. The solution is to remove the Micro SD card from the side of the Mini Maxx and plug it directly into a USB port using an SD card reader. H&S has recently started sending SD card readers with the Mini Maxx units to make updating easier. If your Mini Maxx did not come with one, many electronics stores usually carry SD card readers or you may purchase an H&S SD card reader found HERE

Why won't my Black Maxx or Mini Maxx allow me to change my power level?

Does the screen say "Defueling" at the bottom? The H&S Defueling feature will decrease the power level if one or more of your defueling parameters is met and/or prevent you from increasing the power level until the parameters come back within a safe range. Refer to your installation booklet for information on how to adjust the defuel settings of your H&S product.