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H&S Authorized Dealer Program

In order to better serve our retail customers and to promote sales to legitimate businesses, H&S products are only available to Authorized Dealers. All Dealers who wish to sell H&S Performance products will need to complete all requirements, and be approved by H&S, in order to gain Authorized Dealer status.

Beginning June 15, 2012, any Dealer not approved by H&S as an Authorized Dealer will not have permission from H&S to buy or sell its products. Noncompliance at any time of the H&S Authorized Dealer Terms and Conditions will result in loss of Authorized Dealer status and loss of permission to buy or sell H&S products.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Approval of Authorized Dealer status is at the sole discretion of H&S management.
  2. Submission of an application for Authorized Dealer status does not guarantee approval.
  3. If approved for Authorized Dealer status, DEALER must comply with all H&S terms and conditions, including the H&S MAP and Unilateral policies, in order to remain an Authorized Dealer.
  4. Failure to comply with all H&S Authorized Dealer terms and conditions will result in revocation of Authorized Dealer status.

Dealer Locator

To help retail customers locate an H&S Authorized Dealer, we offer a website Dealer Locator. Although we will attempt to list as many Authorized Dealers as possible on our Dealer Locator , simply being an Authorized Dealer does not guarantee you will be listed. A minimum monthly order quantity is required in order to have listing eligibility. H&S will list Dealers on its website at its sole discretion, and will immediately remove any Dealer for noncompliance of our Authorized Dealer Terms and Conditions.

To apply to become an H&S Authorized Dealer, please click the button below:

Authorized Dealer Application